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Discover the power to elevate your game, redefine your limits, and embrace the future of cricket training.

Cricketer Edition: Batting Practice is a cutting-edge virtual reality simulation that transforms cricket batting practice into an immersive and revolutionary experience. It’s not just a training aid; it’s your ticket to batting excellence.

V Games Lab creates innovative VR training simulations for the sports and entertainment industry

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We push the boundaries of sports training technology.

Experience the future of sports training. We combine best in class technology with sports science to create the most realistic, immersive training environment for athletes to practice their skills anytime, anywhere.

The Ultimate Competitive Edge

Build strength, enhance skills, increase confidence. Next level training that helps you win more.

The Best in Technology Innovation

Unlock the power of virtual reality to improve real-world performance.

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The Cricketer Edition:

Perfect your skills against any ball, improve with real-time performance feedback, and practice a variety of customizable scenarios on-demand. Fueled by the industry’s most precise physics engine, prepare to step into a batting simulation where every swing feels as real as the game itself.

Elevate your skills, conquer challenging deliveries, and completely redefine your game.



Players can supplement their cricket practice and training any time, any place. With indoor and outdoor scene selection and pitch configuration, players can simulate any scenario for on- demand training.



Coaches have the ability to configure custom packages based on each player's needs, as well as track and record players' training progress and results.



With custom ball configuration, pitch conditions and more, players can choose exactly which skills and scenarios to practice, resulting in enhanced real-world performance.

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