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The Cricketer Edition: Batting Practice virtual reality training simulation is launching soon on Meta Quest.

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Discover the Future of Cricket Training

It’s not just a training aid; it’s your ticket to batting excellence.

Cricketer Edition: Batting Practice brings professional cricket training right into your home. Our state-of-the-art virtual reality technology offers an immersive experience that helps you improve your timing, accuracy, and technique against any type of delivery.

Practice anytime, Anywhere

Experience professional-level training at your convenience - regardless of location, season, weather, or time.

Unmatched realism with the industry's most precise physics

A batting simulation so accurate and realistic that every swing feels as real as the game itself.

Perfect Your Swing Against Every Conceivable Type of Ball

Completely customizable ball and pitch configurations - choose exactly which skills and scenarios to practice and perfect.

Improve with real-time performance feedback and analytics

Turn each practice session into a dynamic, feedback-rich experience that propels you towards batting excellence.

Unlock the power of VR to improve real-world performance

Elevate your skills, redefine your game, and embrace the future of cricket training.

Indoor & outdoor scenes with choice of animator, machine, or drone bowling

6,912 unique ball combinations to perfect your skills against any delivery

Tailor pitch roughness & bounciness to practice various game-day conditions

Store up to 20 sets of custom 10-over sessions

Real-time results and insights after every swing

Bat-ball collision spot marker to enhance hand-eye coordination

Physical bat weight helps muscle memory and realistic feeling

Multi-position bat velocity tracking

Live mini map of ball location

Next ball stats to foster strategic decision-making on the spot

Session reports enable coaches/parents to identify strengths and weaknesses

Play with your own real bat with our C-Connector accessory

Will YOU join the elite?

Our VR batting practice simulation has been used by professional cricketers, prestigious training academies, and national teams.

Cricketer Edition: Batting Practice VR app

Ready to become a cricket legend?

This is training reimagined.

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